Tax-managed tactics: reduce unhelpful turnover

You’ve made great stock selections – congratulations! Now comes that hard part for taxable portfolios. How do you manage taking gains and their associated tax impact?  First you need to understand the potential tax impact.

Do the prep.

The list below is not intended to be all-inclusive or specific for all of your clients, but identifying the following numbers can be a beneficial step in preparing to calculate a client’s after-tax return with regards to Federal Income Tax.

Do the math.

Once you’ve done your prep work, it’s a pretty simple calculation to determine a rough estimate of the after-tax return. Just follow these steps:

Note: This is a rough rule of thumb regarding the potential tax impact of a sale. If the taxpayer qualifies for the Alternative Minimum Tax, results may vary. The client’s tax advisor should be contacted to determine the actual impact for a particular client.

Is all turnover bad? Not necessarily. Just know what you’re getting into. Sometimes it may even make sense to generate turnover in order to harvest losses for tax purposes.

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